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Curriculum and Philosophy

We believe that young children learn through play. Our trained MBP staff uses the WEE Learn Curriculum as our guideline to create a weekday environment, thematic ideas, learning activities, and challenging experiences for readiness and coping skills.Our curriculum invites the child to learn by doing for themselves, imitating, making choices, repeating learning experiences, and playing. Through play, the child is challenged in all domains of learning and development: physical, mental, social-emotional, spiritual, and cognitive.


MBP has several areas for the children to experience learning activities through play. We have three classrooms. The Honu class is for our younger 3 year olds. The Nai’a class is a combination class for our older 3 year olds and younger 4 year olds. The Mano class is for our older 4 year olds. We also have a covered lanai and large outdoor area with playground equipment.

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